Why is SEO so important?


Why is SEO important to a website?

SEO, or search engine optimization, is all about improving your site’s visibility. It is about creating content that is clear, understandable, and easily searchable by readers as well as by search engine robots. Often times, people will misinterpret the role of search engines in regards to a website’s purpose; they fail to understand how successful use of SEO yields cues and structural comprehension for engines to interpret the website’s content and information.

We have all experienced a time when we formulate an idea, picture, or question in our minds that we try to search for, but become somehow misguided and cannot find the information we are looking for. Search engine bots, along with individuals making use of them, do not always lead in the right direction when searching for something specific.

Being aware of both the capabilities as well as the restrictions of search engines enables you to properly construct, design, and annotate your web content in such a way that search engines can digest and absorb. Without SEO, a website is practically invisible to search engines and, in turn, to consumers.

How can I make my web content visible?

There are two critical steps that need to be take in order to achieve optimal search visibility. First, it is critical that the actual technical details of search engine-friendly web development are accurate and precise. These details include page structure, meta description tags, image alt attributes, and more.

Second, it is critical that the marketing of the content is effective so that you are communicating what you want consumers to know about your business. This is the most important piece in getting your web content seen. Search engines do not find content using predetermined formulas, rather they find content based on varying metrics of relevance, substance, and significance. The engines are able to compute and measure these metrics based on user activity and engagement –  what is liked, shared, commented on, etc. Creating a good website is about more than just the looks, quantity, and quality of your content, it’s about getting your content shared and talked about.

Generating healthy and relevant content will drive up your website’s activity, brand value, and online presence. By optimizing your website in such a way, it will perform noticeably better and rank higher in organic searches. This can be done using consistent keywords, allowing consumers who are searching for your product or service will easily come across your website.

Below are some tips from our SEO gurus on creating an effective SEO strategy:

  1. Find out how your customers search – what language are they using?
  2. Implement keywords into every corner of your website’s content.
  3. Make your website user-friendly with a simple structure.
  4. Don’t only rely on users to spread the word about your product or service, do it yourself.
  5. Measure your results so you can adjust and improve continuously.

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