What You Need To Know About SaaS Protection

Adoption of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) based solutions is becoming increasingly popular. Benefits include reduced cost of ownership, increased organization-wide collaboration and enhanced productivity. However, what happens if you lose your data within these applications?


Three Facts To Consider in Protecting Your SaaS Data

  1. Corporate data must be protected regardless of where it lives onsite, in a laptop or in a cloud.
  2.  Most legacy data protection solutions CANNOT backup SaaS data
  3. The best place to protect most cloud – native data –  is to another secure cloud
The Enterprise Strategy Group has released a video called “How Do You Protect SaaS Data and Why You Need To.” In it, Jason Buffington, senior analyst of ESG, goes through why your cloud based data, including CRM, email, even Office 365, SalesForce, and Google Apps data, needs to be protected just like any other data in your organization, and he does so in very good detail.
I’m going to cut to the chase: SaaS platform vendors are primarily focused on availability practically to the exclusion of anything else. Any protection mechanisms in use are there to ensure that the provider meets SLA obligations – not to protect you from administrator mistakes or even user error (deleted or overwritten data, for instance). Many providers will charge an inordinate amount for ad hoc recovery – for example, SalesForce provides a one-time recovery service starting at $10,000. You can google that. You may want to call your SaaS providers to confirm this reality for yourself. Keep in mind that Salesforce, Google Apps, and Office 365 all fall in to the “you must protect yourself” category, period.
That being said, you need a data protection solution for your cloud based services – ideally one that also includes your other inhouse systems. As you shop, there are seven questions we suggest posing to your potential SaaS data protection provider (keep in mind that few vendors back up SaaS at all).

Seven Questions to Ask as you Evaluate SaaS Data Protection Software

  1. Can your existing backup solution protect SaaS at all?
  2. Who will be managing the protection and the restores?
  3. How long should you keep data?
  4. Which Ui will you be using to protect SaaS?
  5. Where will your data be stored?
  6. Will your data be secure?
  7. Will your data be there when you need it?