What is Endpoint Security?


What is Endpoint Security?

We are all aware of the many dangers that cyber threats and data breaches can have on our networks. What we may not be aware of is that every device with access to your network’s wifi is a potential security threat. An open wifi network can create a possible entry point for hackers to gain control over your network’s information.

Within network security, endpoint security is the system which protects the corporate network when it is accessed via remote devices. These devices can be any laptop, cellphone, tablet, iPad, or other wireless or mobile device. Devices with external access to the central network create endpoints – endpoint security is there to secure each endpoint on the network.

Endpoint security is most commonly a security system consisting of software which is positioned in a centrally controlled and easily accessible gateway or server within your company’s network. Endpoint security will ultimately verify and authenticate all logins from the endpoints we previously discussed and will update software when needed. Although there are various versions of endpoint securities available, they will most likely all include some sort of antivirus, antispyware, host intrusion prevention system (HIPS), and firewall.

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