The Rise of the Internet of Things

First of all, let’s define the Internet of Things

Most of us don’t think of everyday appliances as technology, but here’s the real truth: any object that has the capability to receive data and connect to a network is considered a technology. In this day and age, some of the refrigerators out there can do even more than our cell phones can. This leads the discussion for everything that the Internet of Things is about. As Broadband Internet becomes increasingly more accessible and available, the price of connecting to wifi is decreasing, giving more devices wifi capabilities and built-in sensors.

Simply put, the Internet of Things is the concept of being able to connect basically anything to the internet through an on and off switch. This can be everything from your fridge to your coffee maker to the lamp on your bedside table. The Internet of Things, also quite commonly referred to as IoT, is a massive network of connected “things” and it outlines three different types of relationships. These relationships being people-people, people-things, and things-things. Now let’s discuss how this is impacting the world we live in today and how drastically fast the concept is spreading.

The Everyday Impact of the IoT

The Internet of Things is making our lives smarter. It’s affecting who we interact with and how we are interacting with them. As the IoT is creating nearly endless new connections and opportunities for us, it’s hard to question why it’s such a popular topic today. Let’s say your car is connected to your phone via Bluetooth, this connection will allow for your car to access your calendar and predetermine the fastest route to get you to your business meeting on time. Soon enough, office equipment may be able to recognize when supplies are getting low and immediately order a new shipment on their own. These people-thing and thing-thing relationships formed are all made possible through the IoT concept of virtual network connectivity.

With the many advantages that come with IoT, there also comes a few disadvantages and concerns. Millions of devices are now being connected to one another, sharing data and information and opening up a vast amount of security threats to individuals as well as to businesses. Not only are these devices sharing data, they are also continuously generating new data, making it necessary for businesses to develop new ways to analyze, store, and track every piece of data going in and out of their walls.

Being aware and educating ourselves of the everyday impact the IoT presents to us can help businesses stay on top of their internal security and effectively take advantage of what it has to offer.

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