Ransomware Statistics in 2016 – A Roundup [Infographic]


Data security in 2016 has been defined by the rampant and incessant onslaught of ransomware. Since December 2015 we’ve observed  a 600% growth in ransomware variants, as attackers recognize that victims are still willing to pay for their critical company data. We’ve prepared an infographic with statistics on ransomware infections and ramifications in an easily shareable format to demonstrate the critical state of the ransomware epidemic as we enter 2017.

It’s clear that things are going to get worse before they get better in this area, so don’t become complacent. Make sure that you and your colleagues are aware of the trends in the ransomware and malware world so that your business is protected and prepared for the inevitable.


Ransomware Statistics – 2016

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Ransomware Information and Prevention

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