Real-Time Monitoring – An Essential Part of Data Protection

You’re a savvy IT professional. You’ve developed your disaster recovery plan, you’ve determined realistic but necessary RTOs, and you’ve instituted a hybrid cloud data protection system with local backups replicated to cloud storage. You can check the status of your backups whenever you want, and as long as you’re keeping on top of things you can focus on the rest of your job. Which is good, because there aren’t enough hours in the day as it is and you have plenty of other projects that need your attention. But wait, that means that the protection of your critical data relies on your ability to monitor the success of all of your backup routines, weeding through the false positives and correcting issues before the worst case scenario can occur: stalled or incomplete backups resulting in data loss when a recovery is needed.


So.. What Do You Do?

What you need is a partner. Someone to take the pressure off and allow you to sleep at night with the knowledge that your data is safe. A data protection partner who provides proactive, real-time monitoring of your backup routines, alerting you of issues before they blossom into a real problem.


We’ve Got You Covered

At Armada Cloud, we provide our customers with automatic notifications of backup job status and monitor everything right down to whether your on-premise backup appliance is online (we’ll get in touch to see whether the cleaning crew flipped the breaker in your server closet or if there’s a real problem), because we understand that while hiccups may happen, they need to be dealt with right away.


Do you have a data protection partner who’s providing the peace of mind you need? If not, contact us!

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