Ransomware Statistics for 2017 – A Roundup

Ransomware attacks have increased in frequency and power in 2017. Damages due to these attacks have intensified 15x in the past two years. The attacks affect businesses large and small, with organizations having to pay thousands to millions of dollars in ransom in the hopes of regaining critical lost data. We’ve prepared an infographic with statistics on ransomware in an easily shareable format to demonstrate the critical state of the ransomware epidemic as we enter 2018.

These facts demonstrate the severity of ransomware today and the importance of data protection. Review the infographic below to be aware of the trends in the ransomware and malware world so that your business is protected and prepared for the inevitable.


Ransomware Statistics – 2017

Click here to download and share our infographic on ransomware statistics on financial losses, infections and more.

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