Outsourcing Disaster Recovery and Data Protection


Advantages of Outsourced Backup and Disaster Recovery

Organizations recognize that their data is a key competitive differentiator and that customers and employees must have rapid and continuous access to that data. Simply put, downtime equals lost revenue. Nevertheless, many businesses don’t think about their disaster recovery protocols until it’s too late. Managing backups and creating a comprehensive disaster recovery plan for critical data can be a burden to your IT department, who typically are under pressure to keep the existing infrastructure up and running while complying with regulatory requirements and adapting to new technologies.

Outsourcing disaster recovery and data protection needs is often the preferred solution for most businesses — it’s a simpler, easier way to ensure that a company’s data is protected by experts who have the infrastructure and expertise to provide the comprehensive solution that’s right for your company.


Avoid Costly Downtime

Business disruption is incredibly damaging to any enterprise. Every minute of system downtime caused by an IT incident could have a devastating effect on your revenue and your employees’ productivity. In fact, businesses that undergo substantial periods of disruption are very unlikely to survive beyond the next few years. Avoiding business disruption therefore becomes critical. Every moment that a business is not available is a moment that it is missing sales and losing its brand identity — in addition to a loss of customer faith that can last for a long time to come. Recently, IDC released a report sponsored by AppDynamics that examines the true cost of system downtime and found that the average total cost of unplanned application downtime for the Fortune 1000 per year is $1.25 billion to $2.5 billion. In fact, data center system downtime costs rose 41% from 2010 to 2013, bringing the average cost to $7,908 per minute.

By outsourcing disaster recovery and data protection coverage, you gain the established infrastructure of a partner in this area who can provide offsite backups, duplicated virtual environments, and proactive monitoring and support to prevent downtime and facilitate rapid recovery in the event of an emergency.


Develop a Complete Recovery Plan

Your business may have a backup solution and not much else. A backup solution alone cannot be considered a disaster recovery plan. Skilled data protection partners are able to create a complete strategy for your business, designed to make the process of recovery faster and easier.

Your Disaster Recovery plan needs to be comprehensive and provide rapid restoration of critical systems, including offsite warm standby virtual servers if uninterrupted operation in the event of disaster at your primary location is a business requirement. A qualified partner can assist in the creation and implementation of your customized Disaster Recovery plan.


Reduce Strain on IT

Most IT departments are already being pushed to implement new technology, keep existing infrastructure running, respond to user issues, and maintain an excellent customer-facing experience, all while staying under budget. It’s impossible for every IT department to stay on top of developments in data protection, maintain certifications, and find the time to design, implement, and maintain a comprehensive data protection and disaster recovery solution in house that complies with ever-changing regulatory requirements while meeting defined Recovery Time and Recovery Point Objectives.

Outsourcing disaster recovery and data protection services allows your IT department to focus on existing projects while bringing their expertise to bear on ensuring that the Data Protection partner they have selected is delivering on their promises. It’s important that your chosen partner is easily accessible – you don’t want to be a number in their system. Make sure that you can pick up a phone and talk to a human when you need help.


Enjoy Peace of Mind

A capable data protection partner provides proactive monitoring to ensure that backups complete successfully and on time, disaster recovery and data protection appliances are functioning properly, and offsite replication occurs on schedule. They provide the depth of experience and expertise to make the development and implementation of your data protection and DR plans a simple and rewarding experience, and make sure that no aspect of your business is neglected in the process.

Your company will benefit greatly from a partnership with a proven data protection and disaster recovery partner like Armada Cloud. If something about your current backup solution, disaster recovery preparedness, or overall data protection plan is making you uncomfortable, get in touch with us today.

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