How to Know if Your Website is Healthy?


Monitoring the health and traffic of your website

A company’s website is the online face of the company. It is important to stay on top of the website’s health and traffic, as they ultimately go hand in hand.

There are various tools out there that you can install to help measure data-specific metrics within your website. Regardless of which tool you are using, it can be easy to get lost in all of the metrics if you aren’t quite sure what to be looking for. Here are a few of the key metrics you should monitor to ensure your website is happy and healthy.

  1. Pages/Session: This will tell you the number of pages your website’s visitors are reading. A great website with useful and relevant content will generally have a higher number of pages being read.
  2. Mobile Audience: As the name suggests, this metric will inform you how many of the viewers are looking at your website on a mobile device. Depending on other metrics such as bounce rate and time on site, this can give you an idea of how user-friendly your site is on a variety of devices.
  3. Bounce Rate: The bounce rate will tell you how many visitors are leaving your website after coming to the homepage. Having a high bounce rate, which is considered to be around 40%, can mean that your website is showing up for unrelated web searches. You want your website content to bring in traffic, more specifically relevant traffic, and not turn it away.
  4.  Acquisition: This will tell you where your searches are coming from. Generally speaking, organic search will bring the highest quality traffic to your website whereas referral traffic derives from poor quality.
  5. Average Duration of Sessions:  The average duration of sessions will inform you how long your viewers are spending on your website. This can tell you if the visitors are simply scanning your content or taking the time to read it.
  6. Behavior Flow: This is a unique tool that will communicate with you about how your viewers are navigating your website. It will tell you which pages on your website have high drop off rates, meaning the pages that are turning the users away.

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