How to Create a Data Recovery Plan


How to Create a Data Recovery Plan

In the unfortunate event that your company experiences a data breach, having an appropriate and detailed recovery plan is crucial. Every business is unique in the technologies they use, how much data and information they have stored, what processes they utilize, and so on. However, no matter how unique a business may be, all businesses need to have a disaster recovery plan in place if they want to continue to be successful in the future. You never know what tomorrow may bring, so, as they say, let’s hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

Here are the steps to create a data recovery plan:

  1. Compile an inventory of all hardware, software applications, and data. Hardware used will include all servers, desktops, laptops, and wireless devices.
  2. Identify what information and data needs to be backed up. You may choose to backup all information or only backup critical information and data that you cannot afford to lose – this is up to you and your company. Be sure you identify all data on all desktops, laptops, network servers, wireless devices, and hard copy records.
  3. Backup all information and data that is stored within your system’s network. This can be done either using an external cloud service or hard drive.
  4. Be sure that all off-site backup and storage are secure and stored with the same level of security as the original data.
  5. Schedule and conduct backups. Make sure you periodically confirm and validate that the information is being backed up appropriately and accurately.
  6. Identify the essential software applications as well as the hardware needed to operate them. In the event that your hardware gets compromised, it is substantially easier to replicate and reimage it if you initially used standardized hardware.
  7. Have copies of program software readily available in order to aid in the reinstallation on replaced equipment. Be sure to prioritize your hardware and software restoration.

Want to create a disaster recovery plan for your business? Click here for a free disaster recovery plan template and build your plan today!


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