How Does Google Search Work?

Google uses crawling, indexing, and search algorithms to create the optimal search index for users. But what does all of this mean and more importantly, how does this relate to you and your business? Here’s a brief rundown to give you a better understanding.

A. Crawling is the action of Google searching websites to make sure their links are accurate, their information is relevant to a specific source, their content contains keywords, and the date of creation is relatively current.

B. Indexing is the action of storing the information. All information gathered by Google is stored in a large index (just like in the back of a book) called the ‘Search Index’.

C. Search algorithms are the parts of the process that refine your search so that you do not get a million websites results when you search something like ‘brownie recipes’. It picks up on spelling errors and suggests you fix them, and it even tracks the number of times your search words are used on the website results displayed.

If a website scores higher, according to the algorithm, it is placed closer to the top of the first page of your search results. In order to keep the search engine efficient, Google uses responses to bring the answers to you not only through web links, but by actually displaying an answer directly on the results page. For example, when you search for directions, a map immediately appears, or when you want to know the height of your favorite actor, their profile will appear to the right of the web links.

How to Generate Organic Traffic

So now that we know how Google works, how can we generate organic traffic in order to optimize our website’s relevance in people’s searches?

The very first step in producing organic traffic is to create the absolute best content you can pertaining to the product or service you are offering. It is important to write consistently and thoroughly, continually ensuring your content is up-to-date.

Organic traffic has everything to do with your website’s ability to relate to the user and be a source of relevant information for their wants and needs. In order to connect with your users on a more advanced level, develop a strategy for how you can take their questions and problems and generate content to address these topics. Establishing a reliable and valued content that pertains to the user is also a way to create user loyalty to your brand and company.

Once you have formed trust and customer loyalty, another way to engage with your users, and reach an even greater audience, is to encourage them to link to your website. This can be done by including small widgets at the end of your pages giving them the option to share your content on social media. This will, in turn, create naturally earned backlinks and immensely improve your organic traffic. However, new incoming backlinks can be both good and bad for your website so be sure to filter these out regularly.

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