Enterprise Disaster Recovery

Real, point-in-time recovery to ensure that you never miss a beat

Reduce failover time to from days to minutes

60 percent of companies go out of business within six months after a disaster or major data loss.


Customer data, product data, financial data, employee data—this is the lifeblood of modern businesses and organizations. And when (not if) something goes wrong, your definition of success will not be based on how your data was backed up but, rather, on whether or not you were able to retrieve it.
All of it. All intact. All at once. All the time.

Your data protection solution needs to deliver maximum security, manageability and reliability at an affordable cost, all while satisfying your Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Requirements. Does yours?

Armada Cloud’s data protection platform utilizes Virtual Disaster Recovery to allow you to turn on a local or remote virtual copy of your critical systems in the event of a server failure or disaster, reducing failover from hours or days to minutes.


Our solution provides:

Immediate Recovery

If your local machine fails, you can recover faster from machine outages by simply turning on a backup copy of the virtual or physical machine in your local environment and continue business operations with little or no downtime.

Faster Recovery

Recover faster from machine outages by maintaining multiple generations, allowing you to switch back to an earlier point in time copy in a matter of minutes.

Immediate Protection of Critical Data

In the event of a catastrophic site failure, normal business operations can continue, even as you recover the primary site.

Protection of a Variety of Platforms

Whether you use virtual, hyper-V’s, physical machines or the cloud, we guarantee a speedy recovery time objective (RTO), getting you up and running within minutes.


Is your data completely safe? If you have any doubt, let’s talk.

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