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Why do I need an IT disaster recovery plan?

An IT (information technology) DR (disaster recovery) plan is crucial in responding to unplanned accidental or malicious incidents that threaten your IT infrastructure. The protection of your firm’s ability to conduct business and investment in its IT/technology infrastructure are the primary reasons for implementing an IT disaster recovery plan. Armada Cloud’s free downloadable IT disaster recovery plan template and guide was created help facilitate the initiation and implementation of an IT DR plan at your entity.


What is an IT disaster recovery plan template?

Disaster Recovery Plan

An IT disaster recovery plan provides step-by-step processes to recover disrupted applications, systems and networks, in order to resume normal operations. The goal of these procedures is to minimize the negative impact of these disruptions to business continuity and normal operation of the company. The IT disaster recovery process assists in the identification of crucial IT systems and critical networks; prioritizes the recovery time objectives of each system; and delineates all steps required to start, configure, and recover them after a disaster. A comprehensive and complete IT DR (disaster recovery) plan also includes all relevant supplier/vendor contacts, contact information for experts on disrupted systems to assist in recovery, and a logical sequence of actionable steps to be taken to facilitate a smooth recovery.

Assuming the completion of a risk assessment and the identification of potential threats to your existing IT infrastructure, the next logical step is determining which infrastructure elements are considered most important to the continued performance of your entity’s business. Assuming that all your IT infrastructure is performing normally, your company should be fully viable and competitive with solid financial performance. IT systems and applications should be ranked in order of importance to re-establish the viability of your company as soon as possible after an incident.

Think about an IT disaster recovery plan as an insurance policy. Whether an interruption originates internally (through employee error, accidental physical damage, malicious sabotage) or externally (malware or ransomware infections, hacking, natural disaster), it pays to be prepared. The worst time to realize that you don’t have an IT DR plan in place is after a disaster has already taken place. In addition to having a plan in place for the rest of your infrastructure, make sure you have a data disaster recovery plan as well, either as a standalone plan or a subset of your IT DR plan.


Disaster Recovery Plan Template

Starting from scratch, this can be a challenging process. This is why we’ve developed our editable Disaster Recovery Plan Template and Guide. Rather than having to create your entire IT DR Plan from scratch, our Disaster Recovery Plan Template gives you a solid starting point with clear areas to fill out with specific details relating to your organization and business continuity requirements.

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