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Atlanta Ransomware Attack May Cost Another $9.5 Million To Fix

The "SamSam" ransomware attack against Atlanta's government has turned out to be more damaging than it first appeared - according to city Information Management head Daphney Rackley, more than a third of Atlanta's 424 necessary programs were knocked...

5 Ways Hackers Gain Access to Your Data

There are many forms of cybercrime that exist today. Whether they’re made to target an individual or the entire company’s network, every form of cybercrime poses a serious threat to you and your business. Cyber criminals continue to advance their reach and...

The Difference Between SaaS and PaaS

As the cloud continues to be a hot topic of discussion for small businesses and large enterprises alike, businesses are realizing that the cloud is a complex, offering a variety of services outside of just storage. There are underlying platforms, otherwise...

The Rise of the Internet of Things

First of all, let's define the Internet of Things Most of us don’t think of everyday appliances as technology, but here’s the real truth: any object that has the capability to receive data and connect to a network is considered a technology. In this day...

2018 Cloud Technology Trends

Technology is advancing at a rapid speed. Businesses are consistently looking to technological trends to discover new ways to accomplish their business objectives. Being aware of future trends that will affect your business and, even more importantly,...
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