Cloud Backup Saves Data After Fire Destroys School


IT Manager’s Decision to Outsource Data Protection Pays Off

Daniel Sapseid, IT Manager at The Academy secondary school in Selsey, UK, decided to move data backups to the cloud after attending the 2015 British Educational Training and Technology (BETT) trade show. By July of 2015, over 1TB of student and staff data was backed up to a third party vendor’s cloud solution that included daily emails notifying Daniel of successful backups.


Disaster Strikes

A year later, and just 2 weeks into the new school year, a fire ripped through the school. Apparently accidentally started by a roofer, most of The Academy’s buildings were destroyed, including the server room.  “On the Sunday morning, I got a call telling me the school was on fire and 80% of it was destroyed,” said Daniel Sapseid. “But I had the peace of mind that all the data was backed up.” Sapseid said he dreads to think about the data that could have been lost: “After the fire, my attention was drawn to the confidential student and staff data that we hold. It goes without saying that I don’t even want to think about what the consequences of losing all that information would have been. The head teacher called me up that evening to ask if we had backed up all student data. It was clearly a relief that we had.”


Rapid Recovery

Thanks to Daniel’s forward thinking, the school was able to restore all critical data within 2 hours, with complete access to student and staff data in under 10 – despite the complete annihilation of onsite infrastructure. Prior to moving data protection to the cloud, the school had used traditional tape-based backups – often taking two days to complete a full backup.

“I would often leave the backup process to complete over the weekend and then take the tapes home with me. Looking back, I see it wasn’t the most efficient way to store critical student data, as a large part of my time was spent ensuring the backups had been completed in the first place,” said Sapseid.


Lessons Learned

Data backup and disaster recovery is often considered a low priority, especially from a budgetary standpoint. However, it can be helpful to look at the implementation of a comprehensive data protection plan as an insurance policy: it doesn’t seem *that* important… until it is. Without forward thinking, Daniel may have seen investing in a data backup solution that included cloud replication as an unnecessary investment. Thankfully, he did recognize the value in offsite, redundant backups. Furthermore, he was able to convince upper management of the importance in partnering with a third party vendor to provide the expertise and offsite capabilities that he needed – not always an easy task. IT is often a thankless job, but in Daniel’s case, he became the hero.


Enjoy Peace of Mind

A capable data protection partner provides proactive monitoring to ensure that backups complete successfully and on time, disaster recovery and data protection appliances are functioning properly, and offsite replication occurs on schedule. They provide the depth of experience and expertise to make the development and implementation of your data protection and DR plans a simple and rewarding experience, and make sure that no aspect of your business is neglected in the process.

Your company will benefit greatly from a partnership with a proven data protection and disaster recovery partner like Armada Cloud. If something about your current backup solution, disaster recovery preparedness, or overall data protection plan is making you uncomfortable, get in touch with us today. Be the hero.

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