Asigra + Oracle + Armada = Rock-Solid Cloud Backup for Enterprise

When we here at Armada Cloud were looking for a storage appliance to pair with the NIST FIPS 140-2 certified data-protection software that powers our enterprise-class cloud backup and recovery platform, Oracle quickly rose to the top of our list of potential vendors. By the time we finished our research, the choice was clear. The combination of software from Asigra Cloud Backup™ and the Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance provides the highest levels of performance, security, and stability for our solution.


Engineered for Storage

From Asigra’s press release: “Asigra Delivers Powerful Cloud Backup Solution with Oracle® ZFS Storage Appliances”:

“As the storage world moves from its hardware-focused roots to the current semantic love affair with all things software-defined, Oracle is one of a small group of vendors placing the emphasis for storage on applications, database, and data,” said Mark Peters, senior analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group. “It’s called Oracle ZFS Engineered Storage. The Oracle ZFS product line offers exceptionally high performance, and is well tuned to today’s market needs in terms of providing a very attractive total cost of ownership (TCO). This storage option for data protection offers service providers a competitive advantage when deployed as the core of their backup infrastructure.”


Make vs Buy

For many service providers the idea of building out an in-house solution can be attractive, but we knew better. From Reid Warrick, our CTO: “Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance provides us with an advanced storage architecture that is far superior to a build-your-own storage solution. With Oracle ZFS Storage ZS3-2 system deployed, Asigra’s Cloud Backup application performance increased eight times compared to what we experienced with our previous hardware platform. We also realized very high uptime, availability and scalability up to one petabyte with a single system, while reducing overall storage costs by more than 30 percent.”


A Winning Combination

In addition to award-winning software and industry-leading hardware, Armada Cloud adds a layer of proactive, human powered support. Our technicians are involved every step of the way, from initial setup and configuration to backup job updates to critical file recoveries – we’re at your side. Are you looking for a data protection partner that provides performance, reliability, and support? Try Armada Cloud today.

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