7 Compelling Reasons to Switch to Armada Cloud


Whether you’re seeking to simplify a complex environment with different backup solutions for physical servers, virtual servers, endpoints, and cloud data, developing a data protection and disaster recovery solution for the first time, or looking for ways to reduce your budget, Armada Cloud is the answer. Our solution features:


No need to deploy software / agents on every server or system in your organization

Backup solutions typically require software or agents to be installed on every system you want to protect, requiring IT to “touch” every server, virtual machine, and workstation throughout the company to deploy, and then again every time an update is made available. Armada Cloud’s Data Protection Platform utilizes Asigra Cloud Backup agentless software, eliminating this requirement. Simply deploy the Armada backup appliance (preloaded with Asigra’s DS-Client) and begin configuring backup jobs (period). The DS-Client will reach out to your specified systems and applications, speak their native language (APIs and/or protocols) and make connections to perform backups.

No more ‘sneakerware’ deployments – sit back and let our solution do the work.


Manage backup sets across locations for all data types from a central interface

If you have multiple deployments for either performance and/or platform diversity, you can manage them all from a single management interface (DS-User). Multiple deployments located in campus departments, data centers or remote offices can all be managed in a single window as long as they are accessible on the network (via LAN, VPN, MPLS, etc). Reach out and administer multiple sites, systems and configurations in remote locations from a single window.

Trying to manage different platforms and locations in different interfaces is old school. We can help you simplify.


The broadest support for platforms and applications of any backup system available

No more using multiple products, manual scripting or application utilities on disparate systems to accomplish network and enterprise-wide backups. Our Asigra-powered platform provides the widest breadth of coverage across operating systems, virtualization platforms, applications, databases and even major cloud apps like Google Drive and Salesforce. All activities are managed and coordinated through a single interface for scheduling control, policy implementation, data lifecycle management, bandwidth management and security controls.

Physical, virtual, or cloud based – one solution does it all.


Configurable for any size environment and any performance requirements

From laptop and smart phones, to multi-petabyte enterprise systems, our platform can be scaled in volume and performance to meet your specific requirements. Deployment options can include multiple sites, multiple Armada appliances, and even on-premise private cloud installations. Our platform can be configured to optimize storage pools for capacity, I/O, replication and caching, in conjunction with performance options including load-balancing, adjustable buffers, multi-threading, bandwidth throttling, clustering/grid configurations and compression/encryption levels.

We’re not one-size-fits all; we design solutions to meet your specific needs.


Allows for fine granularity with jobs, schedules and translation of retention policies into automated rotation and lifecycle management (BLM) for compliance

While simple and unified, our platform also provides enough granularity to comply with your business continuity and disaster recovery requirements while staying under budget. Low-level configuration options allow for highly specified data selection such as inclusion/exclusion capabilities, regex expressions, options to address data streams, junction points and permissions. Schedules can be configured to run real-time/continuous, detecting changes as they occur and/or the ability to set schedules based on RPO requirements with options ranging from minutes to days, weeks, or months – whatever your requirements demand. With close integration, the DS-Client, DS-System and BLM (Backup Lifecycle Manager) allow for automatic implementation of retention policy requirements to save and archive data for compliance, long-term storage and recovery options. For example, save 1 week of data locally on-site for speed and convenience, 30 days off-site for disaster recovery purposes, and then a snapshot of the latest generation of data at the end of each quarter, which will be saved for 5 years to meet regulatory compliance.

In simple terms, you have complete control over what you back up, how long backups are retained, where backups are kept, and when backups are performed, and our team is available to help with all of this.


Fully auditable system with regards to security, user operations, automated activities and reporting

Whether to address best practices or to meet strict requirements from regulations and auditors, a truly compliant solution must include controls and must be auditable. Features such as encryption key management, FIPS validation of encryption code, dedicated ports, unique hardware registration/validation, logging of all connections and administrative activities provide the built-in controls for even the most stringent environments. Additional capabilities such as data destruction methods and certificates, encryption key escrow, PKI authentication with user managed keys for authentication and access controls ensure a level of integrity and validation not found in other products. Armada Cloud’s data protection platform includes all of these controls and capabilities, and no unencrypted data is ever transmitted or stored outside the customer device or site, preventing data from ever being exposed in its raw form.

Satisfy best practices and/or regulatory requirements with a secure and auditable solution.


Armada Cloud’s Data Protection Platform includes hands-on support, proactive monitoring, best in class software and hardware, and the availability and uptime you need for business continuity

Armada brings everything together into a complete, turnkey package that includes all the service, storage and support you may need:

  • Asigra’s best of class platform.
  • High quality Dell hardware configured specifically for each customer’s environment
  • Redundant SSAE SOC2 audited datacenters running on Sun/Oracle hardware.
  • Full service deployment, support, upgrades and system monitoring
  • Dedicated and highly trained engineers ready to serve you.
  • Assistance with documentation to facilitate DR Planning, auditing and reporting needs.

Does this sound like your current backup solution?

If you’re not completely satisfied with the simplicity and comprehensiveness of your data protection, we can help.

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