5 Ways Hackers Gain Access to Your Data

There are many forms of cybercrime that exist today. Whether they’re made to target an individual or the entire company’s network, every form of cybercrime poses a serious threat to you and your business. Cyber criminals continue to advance their reach and expand their data breaches to new levels which constantly calls for new security measures. Cyber criminals are taking control of data for one of two reasons (or both) : (1) they want financial gain or (2) they wish to disrupt and bring down entire IT Systems.

Below are the most common forms on cybercrime today which affect businesses of all sizes.

1. Phishing:
Professional cyber criminals will create fraudulent emails to be shown on individual computers that resemble emails from reputable companies. They are made with the intention of getting the individual to input their personal information such as passwords or credit card information.

2. File Hijacking
Simply put, hackers will take control of files on computers and hold them to ransom. This also coins the term “ransomware” and can be done on a very small or exceptionally large scale.

3. Screenshot Manager
When cyber criminals use this technique, they are able to hack into your computer
or machine and take screenshots of your computer with your knowledge of it happening. This can enable them to get ahold of the personal information shown on your computer screen.

4. Ad Clicker
Similar to phishing, hackers will create false advertisements to get individuals to click on the ad. From there, the individual will be directed to click a certain link which could potentially take control of their computer by instantly downloading the hacker’s software and control.

5. Hacking
This is simply the act of cyber criminals hacking into your computer’s network to cause damage to your data/software/network and frequently allows them to steal your data. They gain access to your network through a method known as “backdoors”.

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