2018 Cloud Technology Trends

Technology is advancing at a rapid speed. Businesses are consistently looking to technological trends to discover new ways to accomplish their business objectives. Being aware of future trends that will affect your business and, even more importantly, being able to adapt to them can help put your business one step ahead of the competition. Cloud technology is rapidly transforming the way people do business. See below for some trends to look out for in 2018 that could be useful to you and your company:

1. Increased Cloud Storage Capacity

As the transition to the cloud becomes exponentially relevant in businesses today, we are seeing companies utilize the services that the cloud has to offer and more importantly, process more data within the cloud than ever before. According to a Cisco survey, cloud storage is supposed to increase by “an estimated total storage capacity of 1.1ZB, which is approximately twice the space available in 2017.” As the capacity of cloud storage expands, businesses will look to the cloud to help them perform more rigorous operations and meet goals they weren’t capable of achieving before.

2. Drastic growth in cloud services solutions

As cloud service solutions continue to grow in capacity capabilities as well as in simplicity and high performance aspects, more and more businesses are expected to cling onto the services that the cloud offers. SaaS, otherwise known as Software as a Service, made it possible for the adoption and early use of cloud services within businesses. SaaS is said to account for approximately 60% of all cloud-based workloads; this is a 12% increase over the predictions given for 2017. Furthermore, the expansion and development of Infrastructure and Platform as a Service, termed to be IaaS and PaaS, have dramatically contributed to the wide variety of cloud solutions available in the public and private sectors. Put simply, SaaS, PaaS and IaaS are all unique processes used throughout cloud services to help simplify operations and their presence in businesses is expected to grow rapidly within the next few years.

3. Large and growing spend on the public cloud

While companies rapidly adopt the cloud services for their corporations, the dollar spend on cloud technology shows no proof of slowing down anytime soon. With this, the enterprise companies for cloud technology and cloud services are being forced to take on stronger governance roles and new strategies to manage their costs. As the growth continues, IT environments will become more and more decentralized while there is a parallel increase in automation. Although these aspects may appear to carry out negative outcomes, a major one being the concern of lower security, the new software being that is being created and the current software that is being updated will counteract these shortcomings.

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