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Armada Cloud’s team has provided Enterprise class technology solutions for over 20 years, with an emphasis on cloud services, data protection, and disaster recovery. These tenets are the reason we have been successful:


Technology Focused

Our specialists provide the disaster recovery, cloud services, and data protection expertise that our clients need to stay relevant.


Business Minded

Our technology services provide peace of mind to the C Suite so you can focus on initiatives that improve outcomes for your business.


Whether you’re looking to move on-premise systems to an IaaS provider, migrate services to AWS or Google Cloud, or create a hybrid local / cloud ecosystem, Armada Cloud’s team has the expertise and infrastructure to make your transition happen efficiently.


Your business continuity is our priority. Our data protection and disaster recovery solution runs on our data protection platform, which includes onsite, agentless software running on optional purpose built hardware, redundant offsite datacenters, and a proactive, easily accessible support team.


Ransomware Statistics for 2017 – A Roundup

Ransomware attacks have increased in frequency and power in 2017. Damages due to these attacks have intensified 15x in the past two years. The attacks affect businesses large and small, with organizations having to pay thousands to millions of dollars in ransom in the hopes of regaining critical lost data. We’ve prepared an infographic with statistics on ransomware in an easily shareable format to demonstrate the critical state of...

How Much Does HIPAA Compliant Data Recovery Cost?

What is HIPAA Compliance and who does it pertain to? HIPAA is an acronym for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. Health data is highly sensitive information, and organizations within the Healthcare and Medical Industry need to ensure that this data is secure at all times. Most commonly, patient data is stored in both electronic and paper file formats. HIPAA was enacted to outline specific security standards that...

What is Endpoint Security?

  What is Endpoint Security? We are all aware of the many dangers that cyber threats and data breaches can have on our networks. What we may not be aware of is that every device with access to your network’s wifi is a potential security threat. An open wifi network can create a possible entry point for hackers to gain control over your network’s information. Within network security, endpoint security is the system which protects the corporate...

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