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Moving to the Cloud: Challenges and Guidance

A key factor in every migration strategy must be the security and storage of critical data. Finding a data protection partner to lighten the load on your IT staff will go a long way towards ensuring a successful cloud transition.

10 Sins of Enterprise Backup and Recovery

Every IT professional understands that regular and verified backups of data are a standard best practice. Nearly all enterprises have increasingly costly backup systems in place. And yet, enterprises regularly encounter data loss events that cannot be effectively recovered.

4 Keys Of Data Recovery Strategy

Can you calculate ROI on peace of mind? An effective data recovery strategy will offer just that: the assurance that whenever your organization experiences a data loss, you will be able to quickly recover information and limit employee downtime,as well as mitigate financial and reputational losses.

How to Choose a Cloud Backup Service Provider

Data backup is a little like buying car insurance: Should you focus on an insurance company’s price and how easy it is to buy insurance? Or should you focus more on what might happen if you actually have an accident — when you really, really need the company’s support and a quick settlement?

How to Future Proof Data Backup and Recovery

The surest way to future-proof a cost-effective strategy beyond the next budget cycle is to build in flexibility. By adopting a software platform that supports multiple deployment models, backed by the expertise of service providers, companies can optimize resource allocation as well as manage risk.

7 Key Advantages of Cloud Backup for Healthcare

Over the past decade, cloud backup, recovery and restore options have emerged as the most secure, flexible and reliable solutions for securing critical data. There are seven key advantages to using cloud backup at your healthcare clinic, practice, group, or network. We’ve compiled these advantages to help you determine the impact a HIPAA compliant data protection partner like Armada Cloud can have at your facility.

Cloud Backup for Healthcare - How Asigra Cloud Backup Protects Your Network

Asigra’s agentless architecture delivers significant benefits over traditional agent based approaches. Asigra protects all files (visible and hidden), databases, email systems and mailboxes, all operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and Mac. The agentless architecture removes the need to install individual agents on each machine that needs to be backed up.

Comprehensive VM Data Protection and Virtual Disaster Recovery

As an IT technology professional, how do you protect your organization’s VMs in a way that lets you match the level and type of protection to the use case? Some try to use their existing data protection solutions, but these were never designed to protect VMs and the results are usually woefully inadequate. Others try cobbling together an overall solution for their organization from a mix of point solutions that support VMs. Although it may provide adequate VM protection for all your organization’s use cases, it’s usually also very complicated and costly to maintain.

Requirements Checklist for Choosing a Cloud Backup and Recovery Service Provider

As the importance and value of corporate data grows, complex enterprise IT environments need more sophisticated strategies for backup, recovery and restore. Cloud backup and recovery service providers can provide a wide range of support to an enterprise, from acting as experienced consultants who provide recommendations for private cloud deployment models to providing fully managed outsourced services. We've provided this checklist to assist in selecting a data protection partner to satisfy your specific requirements.

The Business Value of a Comprehensive All-In-One Data Protection Solution

You have critical data scattered throughout your organization—on back-office servers, desktops, mobile endpoints outside your firewall, and even in public clouds like Google Apps and Microsoft Office 365. What steps have you taken to ensure none of that critical data will be lost? If you are like many organizations, you have deployed a hodge-podge of heterogeneous data protection solutions over the years as new data sources were added.

Agentless Backup is Not a Myth

Backup and recovery software typically requires agents that are installed onto servers that a system administrator wants to backup. Even in a modest-sized environment, agent management can become extremely complex when an administrator is forced to deal with different operating systems and revision levels. Dealing with backup software agents is a cumbersome and mundane task that can be extremely time consuming.

Why Healthcare Data Backup Should be in the Cloud

Over the past decade, cloud backup, recovery and restore options have emerged as the most secure, flexible and reliable solutions. There are seven key advantages to using cloud backup at your healthcare clinic or practice.

Case Study: Pioneer Memorial Hospital

Our client, Pioneer Memorial Hospital (“Pioneer”), is an acute care facility that provides state-of-the-art healthcare and adheres to some of the most strenuous standards in healthcare. Armada Cloud implemented an enterprise-class Backup as a Service (“BaaS”) solution that provided single, integrated data protection. The complete range of tools and capabilities ensured that Pioneer can securely protect more data while using less network and storage resources, without having to deploy multiple point solutions.

Why Asigra Cloud Backup is the Choice of Healthcare Organizations

For many industries backup is critical, but none more than healthcare, Asigra cloud backup™ for healthcare has been trusted by community hospitals speciality clinics, multi-office doctor practices and other healthcare providers for years to protect their data like they protect the health of their patients.

The Choice of Healthcare Practices Nationwide - Cloud Backup and Recovery Services Powered by Asigra

You’re looking for a cloud backup solution because you know it provides more flexibility and security with less IT and administrative effort. But you want to know what is the path to the cloud. Our cloud backup and recovery services powered by Asigra consolidates backup processes and restores data quickly across the entire IT environment, providing healthcare clinics with a scalable, flexible and efficient backup solution.

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