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VMware Backups & Protection for Virtual Machines

VM Data Protection

Organizations of all types rely more and more on virtual machines from VMware and other providers and virtual environments to provide easily scalable infrastructure for their critical data and applications, shrinking IT footprints and operating costs in the process. As the migration from physical to virtual continues, these entities need their environments to run with constant availability at all times. Our Asigra-powered solution ensures that businesses are able to continue operations as usual, even during recovery from local physical machine or complete and catastrophic site failures. If you're seeking VM data protection, choose a solution that can not only protect your virtualized systems, but can also back up your physical and cloud based applications, all from a single interface.

Companies Migrating to Virtual Environments Still Require Comprehensive Protection

Considering Veeam? What About Physical Servers?

VM data protection is more and more important, but until you've completed your transition to a fully virtualized infrastructure, you need to account for the rest of your systems, including user workstations and endpoints. The selection of a virtual-only solution such as Veeam will require an additional data protection offering for physical servers, endpoints, and cloud applications. When it comes to VM data protection, don't make the Veeam mistake. Protect your entire infrastructure with Armada Cloud - learn more about our data protection services here.

Armada Cloud's data protection platform utilizes Virtual Disaster Recovery to allow you to turn on a local or remote virtual copy of your critical systems in the event of a server failure or disaster, reducing failover from hours or days to minutes.

Receive a preconfigured appliance to test for yourself:

Armada Cloud allows organizations to meet disaster recovery and business continuity goals with a secure, low-impact, simple, and efficient solution.

  • Immediate recovery from local machine issues and failures - Recovery quickly from machine outages with Local DS-VDR. Just turn on a backup copy of your virtualized system as a virtual machine in your onsite or local environment to continue business operations and recover with minimal to zero downtime
  • Conversion of crucial physical machines to virtualized copies - Keep multiple generations of critical systems and switch back to an earlier point in time in minutes for fast recovery from machine outages.
  • Warm spares in our secure datacenters available for rapid failover - In the event your site suffers from a catastrophic failure, you can continue normal business operations even as normal operations at the primary location are recovered

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