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Oracle powers our solution with their ZFS Storage Appliance, delivering best-in-class efficiency and deep co-engineering with the Oracle Database and proven, rock-solid performance with Asigra Cloud Backup.

Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance provides secure, granular encryption with high-availability, two-tier key architecture without sacrificing speed: database performance is 5x faster than competing platforms.

Best in Class Storage = Peace of Mind

Armada Cloud uses Oracle to provide the highest levels of performance, security, and stability for our data protection platform. Oracle ZFS Storage features and benefits include:

  • Systems are co-engineered with Oracle software, engineered systems, and servers
  • Exclusive support for Oracle Database Hybrid Columnar Compression
  • Exclusive Oracle Database 12c communication protocol (Oracle Intelligent Storage Protocol)
  • Hybrid storage pools with automated data caching across DRAM, Flash, and hard drives
  • DTrace Analytics advanced management and monitoring
  • Simultaneous multiprotocol support across multiple network interconnects, including GbE, 10 GbE, 8 Gb and 16 Gb Fibre Channel, and InfiniBand
  • Oracle ZFS file system with advanced error detection and self-healing capabilities
  • Built-in Advanced Data Services

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Next-generation Performance

"When comparing the top ten SPC-2 results of industry-leading storage vendors, the Oracle ZS4-4 falls in a distinct category of being the first storage system [in it's class] to break the 30 GB/s throughput threshold. "

-ESG Lab Brief: Oracle ZFS Storage ZS4-4

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