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Live Global Cyber Attack Map

As the live cyber attack map below shows, critical data is under constant assault on a global basis. Businesses and individuals are at continued risk as automated malware and ransomware bots tirelessly evolve and spread.

Onsite Backups

If one or a few workstations/servers/virtual machines are infected, having an onsite backup with up to date versions of files allows you to quickly restore and get back to business. Make sure your backup solution includes a dedicated backup appliance that lives locally, or at least a virtual, centralized software instance that can provide quick restores over your LAN. In addition to backing up document folders, emails, and shortcuts, make sure you can save "bare metal" backups which allow you to restore a laptop, desktop, server, or virtual machine from scratch, exactly how it was configured and with all documents and files intact.

Offsite Backups

Having local backups is one half of the puzzle. A complete data protection solution provides disaster recovery for a range of data loss scenarios; whether you're trying to restore a file that's aged out of the local backup retention policy, a ransomware attack is holding your LAN hostage, or your building burns down, offsite backups offer business continuity that's necessary for every organization. Utilizing offsite backups provides extended flexibility, allowing you to determine what data should be prioritized for rapid local restores and what should be maintained as a virtual copy in your personal virtual disaster recovery cloud. In a worst-case-scenario, you can plan to run your entire business from backed-up versions of your local systems until you can revert to normal operations.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Setting up and implementing a comprehensive data protection plan can be daunting, but that's what we're here for. Partner with Armada Cloud and take advantage of our data protection and disaster recovery platform so you can focus on what's important.

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