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Enterprise Cloud Backup for Microsoft Office 365

Operations are moving to the cloud, that's established. Whether your office has already completed your migration to Office 365, or are operating a hybrid local Exchange / Office 365 deployment, business objectives are consistent. You need to maintain control of your company data and you need full and comprehensive backup and recovery for Office 365 within easy reach.

Along with the benefits of outsourcing the pain of managing applications and servers, migrating to a service like Office 365 means relying on third party support and being faced with no options other than submitting a trouble ticket in the event of a problem like data loss. Don't be stuck waiting for a faceless tech support apparatus to get back to you.
Armada Cloud's backup and recovery solution for Microsoft Office 365 mitigates the risk of losing access to Exchange Online data and ensures availability of data for your users, allowing you to remain in control.

Armada Cloud's Data Protection Platform allows our customers to easily schedule point-in-time backups of corporate data and mailboxes from Microsoft Office 365 Exchange Online, OneDrive for Business, and SharePoint Online. Because no limitations are imposed on the amount of mailboxes or data size, our platform is easily scalable to meet the needs of your (or any) organization.
Receive a preconfigured appliance to test for yourself:
The Cloud Management Console in our web-based user interface makes Armada Cloud's Enterprise Cloud Backup solution easy to deploy. Backup frequencies can be adjusted to best meet your established business needs – hourly, daily, weekly or monthly. As users are added, they are detected automatically, making it easy to select individuals, or all users to be added to a backup schedule. All data that is backed up is compressed, deduplicated, encrypted and stored in a secure managed private cloud, public cloud or hybrid cloud environment.

Armada Cloud's cloud backup solution runs on our Data Protection and Disaster Recovery Platform, providing a single, comprehensive, integrated approach to data protection ideally suited for large backup sets, all for one low monthly or annual fee. Skip the à la carte approach to pricing and keep it simple with us.

Do I Really Need To Back Up Office 365 Data?

It's important to back up Office 365 email data back to your controlled environment for many reasons (i.e. to to meet internal compliance requirements and policies and follow the 3-2-1 Rule of backup). The most important reason? The peace-of-mind that comes from knowing you’ll be able to restore your users’ data when needed, without delay, and without additional cost.

With Armada Cloud's backup and recovery solution for Microsoft Office 365 data, Office 365 Exchange Online mailbox items can be easily retrieved (email, contacts and calendar) from Office 365 in the cloud for easy, quick restoration.

For those of you who have yet to migrate all of your email users to Office 365, Armada Cloud's Data Protection Platform can cover both Office 365 and your on-premises Exchange instance for the interim - an important requirement as such migrations can take years.

Mitigate Your Risk / Meet Compliance Mandates

Avoid data loss from user error (accidental or intentional), data overwrites, breaches, and/or ransomware attacks by protecting your Microsoft Office 365 data the same way your on-premise data is protected - Office 365 backups are an easy insurance policy to implement. Different levels of protection are easily accommodated with Armada Cloud's Data Protection and Disaster Recovery Platform for Office 365 for different user groups with flexible policies, unlimited retention options and custom backup sets that allow users to satisfy compliance requirements outlined by Sarbanes Oxley, HIPAA, etc.

Granular Restores

With Armada Cloud's enterprise cloud backup solution, granular item level restores can be performed of a single email with the option to include metadata and attachments, or a complete mailbox. Restore files directly to back to a user’s account. Locate specific items and restore any or all of them. At your convenience, run Office 365 recovery drills for your peace of mind and on your schedule.

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