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DR and Data Protection for Healthcare

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Disaster Recovery and Data Protection is critical for healthcare.

Armada Cloud recognizes that eliminating downtime, adhering to HIPAA rules and securing protected health information (PHI) is an ongoing challenge for hospitals, clinics, labs, and other healthcare facilities. The data that your IT department is responsible for is subject to stringent requirements and is critical to accurate and timely treatment, so data loss must be mitigated and recovery, when necessary, must be swift.

Armada Cloud's data protection and disaster recovery platform is designed to protect your most critical systems (such as HIS, RIS, PACS) and associated data (EHRs, PHI). Our data protection solutions are designed to satisfy your disaster recovery and mission critical objectives, using our advanced onsite and offsite systems. Additionally, Armada’s platform is ideally suited for addressing increased data retention requirements for administration systems and patient data. Armada’s platform includes Data Lifecycle Management components to ensure compliance with your organization's long term retention policies regarding RIS related studies, EHRs, or HIS archives.

Armada Cloud Data Protection Appliance (DPA)

Onsite Disaster Recovery and Data Protection Appliance

Armada Cloud's Data Protection Appliance (DPA) is part of the Armada Cloud Data Protection and Disaster Recovery Platform (see below). Health and system monitoring software is included that ensures your backups complete on time and on schedule, resulting in optimal data protection through the improved performance of a dedicated, tuned appliance. Armada’s DPA includes onsite storage with off-site replication, providing both rapid restores and complete protection from disaster.

The Armada Cloud Data Protection and Disaster Recovery Platform

Armada's Data Protection and Disaster Recovery Platform brings together best of breed components to deliver world-class services. We combine the award winning protection of Asigra Backup Software, an industry leading back-end consisting of Sun/Oracle infrastructure, Armada’s purpose built Data Protection Appliances (DPA) manufactured by Dell, top-tier audited datacenters managed by Coresite and Digital Realty, and the human-powered expertise of the Armada Cloud support team to provide a fully managed turnkey solution for your organization. Our clients enjoy the peace-of-mind of outsourced data protection and disaster recovery, allowing their beleaguered IT departments to focus on other critical projects.

Reliable - Backup and Disaster Recovery so dependable, you can concentrate on providing healthcare.

  • Proactive support from Armada: your backups are monitored for completion and exceptions
  • Dedicated appliance and agentless software eliminate impact to existing infrastructure
  • Automated execution of onsite/offsite, data retention, archiving and lifecycle management policies
  • Data integrity is validated at every stage throughout the system
  • Multi-site redundancy: Data is stored on-site, off-site at Armada’s Primary Datacenter, and then replicated to a geographically diverse secondary datacenter facility
  • Reporting and analysis for insight into data usage, trends and system activities
  • Eliminates the physical vulnerability of tape destruction, loss, or theft
  • Assures quick access to recovered data when needed

Compliant – ensuring your organization meets stringent healthcare requirements

  • Guarantees compliance with HIPAA and all other state and federal requirements, including Meaningful Use
  • Features increased audit trail capabilities, automated policy enforcement and security functions that meet HIPAA regulatory compliance standards
  • Armada’s experienced and professional engineers can assist your staff in addressing security risk analysis, BC/DR planning, DR drills and documentation
  • Complies with European Directive on Protection of Personal Data, Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA)

Secure – system wide safeguards prevent data exposure, always

  • All data is encrypted with AES (128, 192 or 256 bit) on-site and prior to being stored or transmitted off-site, eliminating the physical vulnerability of tape destruction, loss, or theft
  • Multi-factor authentication at the hardware, system and network layers
  • Encryption software routines are FIPS 140-2 validated by NIST and CSEC (Certificate)
  • IANA Registered ports are never exposed at client site, preventing vulnerabilities
  • All off-site data and infrastructure is maintained in Tier-4 datacenters that have undergone SSAE16, Type2 Audits

Proven Technology - data protection and disaster recovery for healthcare

  • Our healthcare clients are able to recover from disaster quickly, using site-to-site VM backups and/or Armada’s Virtual Disaster Recovery (VDR) services
  • With a dedicated, performance tuned appliance, high-frequency and real-time backup capabilities optimize Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs)
  • Failover to a local or, in the event of a site loss, a remote environment in minutes instead of hours or days
  • Local DS-VDR allows you to recover faster from machine outages by simply turning on a backup copy of the virtual machine in your local environment and continue business operations with little or no downtime
  • In the event of a catastrophic site failure, normal business operations can continue, even as you recover the primary site

Comprehensive – supports all major platforms, hypervisors and applications. Even mobile devices

  • Vast support for cross-platform, application rich, hybrid cloud and mobile enabled environments. Examples:
    • Windows, Unix, Linux, Mac, IBM System I, Android, IPhone, …
    • VMWare, Hyper-V, Xen, Oracle VM, Docker Containers, …
    • Exchange, SQL, SharePoint MySql, Postgres, Sybase, SAP, DB2, Oracle, …
    • GoogleApps, SalesForce, Office365, AWS, …
  • Custom scripting available for API-less proprietary healthcare systems and embedded DBs
  • Automatically backs up operating systems, file systems, applications, tablets, smart phones and more
  • Centralized, Agentless technology prevents “agent pollution” throughout your network
  • Uses native OS/Application APIs, preventing downtime and interruption of applications in 24/7 hospital and healthcare facilities

Flexibility - growing with your organization so you never need to start over

  • Designed for multi-site, multi-device, multi-platform environments
  • Centralized and automated updates require minimal effort to stay current
  • Easily expands and flexes as your healthcare organization grows and changes
  • Scalability to thousands of devices and petabytes of data in a single instance

Excellence - recognized as outstanding in the industry

  • Storage Magazine Product of the Year: Asigra was 2011 gold winner in backup and data recovery software and services; recognized as the first cloud backup software to protect the entire digital footprint
  • Gartner Magic Quadrant: Asigra positioned in the 2011 "Magic Quadrant" for enterprise disk-based backup and recovery and the 2012 Magic Quadrant for enterprise backup/recovery software, based on the company's edge-to-core Asigra Cloud Backup™
  • Forrester Recommended Vendor: Asigra was one of only six providers to make Forrester's recommended list for enterprise data center deployment in the 2010 market overview on enterprise-class backup and recovery

Efficiency - delivering more value for the security dollar

  • Hundreds of healthcare organizations use Asigra software for cost-effective backup and recovery
  • Armada uses Asigra software in our solution, because it is consistently chosen by healthcare organizations with large to small budgets, from individual doctor's practices to multi-office clinics to multi-site general hospitals
  • The real value of backup and recovery services is experienced (like insurance policies) when the assurance of complete, clean data recovery is needed for business continuity, reputation protection, and regulatory compliance
  • For a price quote for your specific situation, use the form on this page to contact us - we're ready when you are

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