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Data Protection Update:
The Increasing Threat of Ransomware

Two Ransomware Scenarios, Two Ransomware Outcomes
Enterprise Cloud Backup

Data Protection Update:
Enterprise Cloud Backup

Enterprise Cloud Backup
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Data Protection Update:
HIPAA Compliant Data Protection

7 Key Advantages of Cloud Backup for Healthcare
HIPAA Compliant Data Protection from Armada

Data Protection Update:
Proactive Support - Talk to a Human

Supporting IT Solutions - The Human Element
Enterprise Cloud Backup

Data Protection Update:
Asigra, Armada Cloud's Software Partner

Asigra, our software partner
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Data Protection with Human-Powered Support

At Armada Cloud, we don't just rely on rock-solid infrastructure and industry-leading and award-winning software. When you need help, you can reach real humans. We recognize the value in well-crafted software & hardware solutions, but we don't leave it at that. We believe in the human factor.

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