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Data Protection and Disaster Recovery Platform

It can be challenging to find or build a single solution to protect virtual environments, physical servers, user endpoints, and cloud applications while staying within budget, meeting RTOs and RPOs, and not exceeding your IT team's knowledge and time limitations. As a result, many organizations rely on a piecemeal solution incorporating several disparate backup and recovery systems or exasperate an already stretched technology team by reinventing the wheel with an inhouse solution.

Armada Cloud's Data Protection and Disaster Recovery Platform is designed to resolve these issues with a simple model: a turnkey onsite data protection appliance, backed by our proven platform, providing comprehensive protection through a single dashboard for a single monthly or annual fee. Simple, secure peace of mind.

Onsite Data Protection Appliance

Our onsite Data Protection Appliance arrives pre-installed with our agentless backup software and monitoring tools. An onsite appliance can facilitate rapid restores over the LAN, with the added protection of offsite replication to our secure cloud. Configure backups as local-only, cloud-only, or fully replicated depending on your recovery, capacity, and availability requirements. Armada Cloud's Data Protection Appliance enables additional health and system monitoring options to ensure your data is receiving consistent and reliable data protection while providing the improved performance afforded by a dedicated, tuned appliance.

Qualified, Proactive Support Team

Proactive support and monitoring make up an important part of our platform; at Armada, our engineers are available every step of the way. Before your appliance ships, we engage with you to pre-configure your device to your environment, and upon arrival we guide you through the installation and deployment in an average of 30-60 minutes. Proactive monitoring of backup completion or interruption by our U.S. based team relieves you of the responsibility of reviewing logs and worrying about whether your solution is ready for disaster - we have you covered.
All of our data protection and disaster recovery services include support at no additional cost.

Asigra Backup Software

Asigra's agentless software does not require any agents to be installed for each machine or application to be protected - instead, it reaches out across the network to protect your servers, workstations, mobile devices, and local and cloud applications, all the way to bare-metal if desired. As a result, an agentless approach increases security by eliminating the requirement for open firewall ports, reduces resource requirements by eliminating processing and memory demands on endpoints, saves time by focusing on a single installation point, and allows for easier ongoing support by reducing the risk of problems across multiple installations.

Oracle & Dell Infrastructure

Armada Cloud uses Oracle to provide the highest levels of performance, security, and stability for our data protection platform. Their ZFS Storage Appliance provides secure, granular encryption with high-availability, two-tier key architecture without sacrificing speed, resulting in the responsiveness, security, and uptime we demand for our cloud replication environment. Armada also relies on Dell when specifying appliances and application-specific servers in order to offer reliable, powerful performance. All appliances ship with monitoring software so we can track system health and catch problems before they impact you.

The end result? Backups complete on time, restores meet RTO requirements, and business continuity is assured.

Coresite and Digital Realty Datacenters

When we researched hosting providers, we had three factors at the top of our priority list: security, reliability, and scalability. CoreSite and Digital Realty deliver the efficient, high-performance distributed data center platform we required, with strategically located data centers featuring access to leading peering exchanges and high availability: six 9's (99.9999%) historical portfolio uptime.

With our primary cloud location in LA and our secondary located in Phoenix providing additional redundancy for onsite appliances, we assure continued operations to satisfy the most stringent of regulatory or industry requirements.

End to End Protection

With Armada Cloud's Data Protection and Disaster Recovery Platform, complete and comprehensive protection of servers, virtual environments, user endpoints, and cloud applications is assured. Contact us to try our platform onsite at your location today.

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