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Armada Cloud: Your Cloud Migration Partner

IT is moving to the cloud; that's established. The challenge that remains is in developing a plan to migrate and finding a platform that can optimize your current assets, drive your business forward, and provide peace of mind throughout the process.

Armada Cloud provides the tools and experience to migrate, manage, and monitor your critical applications, resulting in a seamless transition that allows you to confidently focus on your mission.

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Step 1

Our qualified consultants assess your current IT & assets to provide a clear picture of workloads, consumption and performance. This results in a transparent, data-driven, CFO-friendly proposal for migrating mission-critical IT to the Armada enterprise-class cloud platform.

Upon the approval of the migration plan, your local infrastructure is replicated to our platform, beginning your cloud migration process. At the beginning of this procedure, we deploy our onsite/offsite data protection platform to ensure your critical data is protected, satisfying disaster recovery and business continuity requirements discovered or implemented during assessment.

Step 2

Once your infrastructure has been fully replicated, operations shift to Armada Cloud and your local infrastructure becomes the backup. Data protection continues for both local and cloud applications and systems.

Step 3

Once Armada Cloud is established as your primary operational site, local servers, systems, and applications are systematically retired, freeing up resources and allowing IT to focus on development and new projects.

Enjoy the Scalability and Flexibility of the Cloud

At this point, all operations are based in the cloud. Armada Cloud provides ongoing proactive support, assistance in adding additional services and environments, and comprehensive data protection and disaster recovery coverage.
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