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Cloud Backup for Education

Data protection requirements for colleges, universities, K-12's, and other schools are growing faster than ever, while the different devices and platforms that data lives on are part of an ever growing list.

The success of your institution depends on the ability to reliably protect administrative materials, lectures, email, term papers, and more - all while complying with relevant government regulatory requirements, such as keeping a backup copy at least ten miles from the primary data’s location, and the ability to provide retained data upon request. IT departments are strained as it is, so it makes sense to rely on the expertise of a data protection partner like Armada Cloud.

Why Armada?

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Secure and Compliant

Our solution enables you to:

  • Manage backup data in a single solution for immediate recovery, allowing you to quickly obtain and provide records for auditors
  • Automatically transfer data offsite without security risks of requiring third party products or manual processes
  • Encrypt data at the source using a NIST FIPS 140-2 certified algorithm, ensuring data is encrypted in flight and at rest

Enterprise Class Recovery Protection

Our data protection platform protects your entire network, from servers, virtualized environments, and workstations to laptops, smartphones, and cloud applications.

  • Security: Remain safe from breaches and always in full compliance with regulations with end to end encryption, local appliances with cloud replication, and proactive monitoring
  • Reliability: With built-in autonomic healing and validation restore, our Asigra-powered solution proactively addresses any instances of file corruption, so your institution has the assurance it can recover any data when needed
  • Manageability: Run regular, extensive recovery tests without disruption to backup systems and manage the consolidated repository from a single web-based console
  • Affordability: Try our comparison calculator to see the savings of outsourcing your data protection requirements to a dedicated partner vs doing it yourself

Enjoy the advantages of Armada Cloud backup and recovery as a turnkey solution using our dedicated data backup and data protection appliance.
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Our data protection platform is powered by Asigra Cloud Backup and Recovery software, the most secure agentless data protection platform in the industry:

Asigra's Encryption Advantage

  • Asigra encrypts the data in-flight and at-rest from cradle to grave.
  • FIPS 140-21 certified - an independent third-party certification
  • From handheld devices like tablets (DS-Tablet Client) and smart phones (DS-SmartPhone Client) to remote laptops (DS-Mobile Client)or remote office or branch sites (DS-Client) to central data repositories within the data center (DS-System or BLM)
  • Key escrow management
  • Password rotation support
  • Data destroyed with certificate of destruction

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